The Frontier Project is a strategic consultancy home to a portfolio of ventures delivering growth in a way that benefits shareholders, employees and society (yes, it can be done). Engage Thinking is a log of what we're thinking about, what we're discussing, where we've been and where we're going.


1 Easy Way To Change How You Communicate

Voice memos are the best kept secret in effective communication. How many times have you had a fantastic idea, a creative breakthrough, or finally wrapped your mind around accomplishing a task - in a situation where texting is inappropriate, pen and paper or inaccessible, or your computer is nowhere to be found? Sometimes our best ideas come to us at inconvenient times and at those moments, reach for your phone and record a voice memo.

An added bonus of the Frontier coveted voice memo: communication can be lost over email and text, leaving the reader confused about your intended tone. The ambiguity that can happen in written communication is remedied over voice memos.

So next time you’re in the car and have feedback, an idea, or a more complex question for a colleague, record a voice memo and send away (when you’re no longer driving of course).

- BC

We’re Hiring.

We’re looking for someone who will be able to manage the professional life of our CEO. Duties include scheduling travel, managing appointments, handling follow-up communications and general organization so we can continue to grow the business at a rapid pace. The measure of success is that the leadership team operates more efficiently and effectively across the US and internationally.

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3 Ways To Better Manage Your Day

1. Determine Goals 

Ask yourself: What do you want to accomplish? What’s important to your role? What is the organization paying you to do? The goal is to shift your focus to spending the most time on the things that really make a difference to our organizations. Identifying bad habits that sap your efficiency, and looking for ways you might be able to utilize your resources more efficiently.

2. Remove Distractions

Research shows it takes only 3 seconds to get distracted, making any real progress on thoughtful work requires more than 30 minutes, and it takes 15 mins to return to a productive state after an interruption. That means that jockeying email, engaging with notifications, and answering text messages can thwart your efforts toward maximum productivity. Try dedicating 60-90 minute chunks of time throughout the day for distraction-free work and scheduling smaller chunks of time, when brain power is not optimal for tasks like responding to emails or managing your calendar. 

3. Use Your Calendar

You’re more productive when you know what you’re supposed to do and what takes priority. Block your calendar for accomplishing tasks and for the important/non-urgent things (thinking, reading, writing), just as you would a meeting. This allows for: organization, accountability, proper prioritization of tasks, and transparency to your team. Go leaner on the time you allot a task to help you focus in quickly.

- MT, Frontier Academy Facilitator

We’re Hiring

We’re hiring a Motion Graphics Designer + 3D Animator.

We are looking for someone who is able to work collaboratively with the production team and our team of consultants to create animated elements and videos for both internal and client use. The measure of success in this role is accurately estimating project scopes, adhering strictly to deadlines, and creating work that allows us to promote ourselves to prospective and current clients in an exciting and new way.

See the linked PDF for more details.

Sorry. And Thank You.

When we started this thing, the goal was to create a tiny operation that would become one of the most influential firms in the world. We’d be discreet, boutique and very very small.

We learned this week we landed on the Inc Magazine list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States.  

Sorry. That’s not so discreet and not so boutique.

To make amends for our sins, know that we continue to fragment our business so that, while we all live under the same operating company and in the same buildings, we’re serving specific and discreet markets - Innovation; Corporate Events; Talent & Leadership Development; Digital Publishing.

We trust that fast growth is a sign that partnerships with clients are going well. Deepening, ripening, and expanding.

So we should take a minute to say thank you. 

As clients, you trust us with your biggest market and organisational challenges. You give us room to do our best work. You pay your bills on time (always a pleasant surprise). And, most importantly, you encourage us to disagree with you. You recognise that’s the loyal value we seek to bring, and you give us the space to make that argument. Our team is tremendous. But they know that already. What we celebrate are our clients who engage that team to deliver positive change. Thank you.

We’re thrilled to see a gang of our RVA neighbours rank above us on the list, including ImpactMakers, Mobelux, and our shirt-maker friends at Ledbury. Congratulations.

We’re working on some enormous projects that have deep social, economic and environmental ramifications. We carry that every day. So while the badge of “Fast Growth” is nice, when they create a “Hard Impact” badge, trust us that we’ll be fighting for that recognition.  In the meantime, sorry. And thanks.

- SW