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Flip Those Meetings

You hate them right?  Corporate meetings.  They jam up your day.  Half the participants don’t need to be there, the other half are plugged into their email instead of the meeting.  

Enter our modern meetings flipdeck.  A visual reminder of the contemporary rules of modern meetings.  Each one customized with the language and protocols of your organization.  

A simple tool to reinforce to your people the habits of effective gatherings.

What’s next.

Talk about shifting your meeting culture?  Drop Stevie a line.  

Run a Leading Effective Meetings workshop? Drop Katie a line.

Request a complimentary copy of our flip deck for your desk?… Email Becky.  

"…our government, our United Nations, our world, is not that interested"

To be a great negotiator one needs to see the other side.  In a world of lazy journalism and powerful government press offices (rightly, doing their job), it’s hard to see both sides.  On this occasion, Jon Snow of Channel 4 News, uses YouTube, not his own news program (UK broadcast regulations forbid this type of editorial) to share the perspective outside the Iron Dome.  Give it five minutes of your time.  Not to agree with Hamas, just to experience the other side.  It’s good practise for your negotiating mind. - SW


Say what you will about NGOs.  Save the Children’s messaging is crystal clear.

Yes, we’re the big blue cock*

It’s rarely easy to describe to potential clients where we ‘fit’ in the consulting industry.  But occasionally there’s an analogue that works.

Today, walking through Trafalgar Square, I was given such an analogue gift.  In the square, the centre of London, is Nelson’s Column, protected by statues of lions and then four surrounding statues on plinths.  The “fourth plinth” was due to have a statue of William IV, but due to lack of funding was never created.  So the plinth sat empty for 150 years until, in 1999, a decision was made to rotate modern artworks through the plinth.  

So while there are three static statues, the fourth regularly changes.  Think of the three statics as the rest of the consulting industry (the usual suspects).  The fourth is us.  We morph every year or so according to client needs.  That’s okay. It’s just who we are.  But if you’re a potential employee that likes certainty, this is your indication that we’re not a fit.  Right now we’re a figurative big blue cockerel. Who knows what we’ll be by the end of the year.

*Yes, the title is simply to attract your attention.

SW, London

Fruitful Thinking?

"I promise I don’t have some weird obsession with fruit.."
Madison McV on concepting and prototyping new products with inspiration from the fruitbowl.

First in a series of podcasts with the gifted crew of FrontierAcademy sharing thoughts and perspectives on a current book.  For this broadcast, the debate is shifting habits, and a discussion of Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit.  

Your background listening as you commute to work or sift through that inbox.

Meetings by Default


Just because it’s a setting on Google Calendar (admirable as that is), doesn’t mean that your employees will slash those meeting times.  But it’s a start.  Use it.

Nous Aimons Pret a Manger

We love Pret for their food.

But we also love them for their language and tone of communication.

And, of course, their commitment to becoming more sustainable.

You can deploy this attitude and approach in your organization too.  Watch costs fall, environmental impact drop, and employee engagement rise.

We're Hiring →

We’re hiring a Facilitator.

Frontier Academy is the highly-experiential training division of The Frontier Project, an innovation and organizational development consultancy. As a rapidly growing company, Frontier Academy works with a wide variety of clients from start-ups, to government agencies, to some of the biggest names on the Fortune 500 list. We have offices in Richmond, VA, NYC and Miami, and we are currently looking for a full-time facilitator to help us scale our nation-wide training practice.

See the linked PDF for more details.

We're Hiring →

We’re hiring an Executive Assistant.

Frontier is looking for someone who will be able to manage the professional life of our CEO. Duties include scheduling travel, managing appointments, handling follow-up communications, and general organization so we can continue to grow the business at a rapid pace. The measure of success is that the leadership team operates more efficiently and effectively across the US and internationally.

See the linked PDF for more details.

Testimonials from our Effective Communication workshop.  

You can’t not communicate. When we start to take on more responsibilities and more of a leadership role at work, mastering the art of effective communication becomes imperative. But as we grow in our careers, how do we best communicate with senior leadership as well as our own team which is now looking to us for guidance?

The big takeaway from our workshop: remove yourself from the conversation and focus on the audience. When we understand others’ needs—what they hope to get out of the conversation—we can begin to tailor our messaging for greater impact in communicating with the team, organization, and stakeholders.

Mark your calendars.  This workshop returns on February 10.  Learn more and sign up here.