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First in a series of podcasts with the gifted crew of FrontierAcademy sharing thoughts and perspectives on a current book.  For this broadcast, the debate is shifting habits, and a discussion of Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit.  

Your background listening as you commute to work or sift through that inbox.

Meetings by Default


Just because it’s a setting on Google Calendar (admirable as that is), doesn’t mean that your employees will slash those meeting times.  But it’s a start.  Use it.

Nous Aimons Pret a Manger

We love Pret for their food.

But we also love them for their language and tone of communication.

And, of course, their commitment to becoming more sustainable.

You can deploy this attitude and approach in your organization too.  Watch costs fall, environmental impact drop, and employee engagement rise.

We're Hiring →

We’re hiring a Facilitator.

Frontier Academy is the highly-experiential training division of The Frontier Project, an innovation and organizational development consultancy. As a rapidly growing company, Frontier Academy works with a wide variety of clients from start-ups, to government agencies, to some of the biggest names on the Fortune 500 list. We have offices in Richmond, VA, NYC and Miami, and we are currently looking for a full-time facilitator to help us scale our nation-wide training practice.

See the linked PDF for more details.

We're Hiring →

We’re hiring an Executive Assistant.

Frontier is looking for someone who will be able to manage the professional life of our CEO. Duties include scheduling travel, managing appointments, handling follow-up communications, and general organization so we can continue to grow the business at a rapid pace. The measure of success is that the leadership team operates more efficiently and effectively across the US and internationally.

See the linked PDF for more details.

Testimonials from our Effective Communication workshop.  

You can’t not communicate. When we start to take on more responsibilities and more of a leadership role at work, mastering the art of effective communication becomes imperative. But as we grow in our careers, how do we best communicate with senior leadership as well as our own team which is now looking to us for guidance?

The big takeaway from our workshop: remove yourself from the conversation and focus on the audience. When we understand others’ needs—what they hope to get out of the conversation—we can begin to tailor our messaging for greater impact in communicating with the team, organization, and stakeholders.

Mark your calendars.  This workshop returns on February 10.  Learn more and sign up here.

I don’t believe in empowerment, I believe in earned liberty. “Storming the Bastille” isn’t the same as “Louis XVI invited the commoners in for tea and a feedback session.”

SW.  Working on the next FrontierPress book.  Railing at corporate BS.  Day after Bastille Day.

Delivering Ebooks Via SMS

Something fun for your Tuesday: Frontier Press is using a SMS delivery of ebooks this week, delivering teaser ebooks for the learning platform we built for one of our clients. They’ll simply text the code to a specific number, and voila! They’ll be given a private link to an ebook hosted on the web, and we’ll be able to track total engagement and actual clicks to ensure client satisfaction.

Reach out to Jason for inquiries on how Frontier Press can produce and distribute ebooks for your organization.

Strategy/Culture Alignment


The first step in exponential growth? Making sure everyone in the organization is on the same page regarding mission, vision, and culture. Someone once said something about “a house divided against itself cannot stand” or something. Also true about business.

Last week we hosted a two-day working session with an environmental nonprofit organization that recently opened two new satellite locations. Our goal was to define and refine the culture that supports the organization’s critical mission as they expand into new markets.

Members of the organization participated in cultural surveys prior to our meeting, and we reviewed those results as we collaborated on a strategic plan with senior leadership. Together, we determined organizational core values and how to implement best practices moving forward that support these values and the overall mission.

As the session closed on the second day, the leadership was able to take ownership of specific behaviors and practices that, once implemented, will allow the organization to become fully aligned, both internally and externally, with their mission and strategic plan.

  • Turn problems into opportunities and help each other see those opportunities (process for collaborating and evaluating obstacles)
  • Hold quarterly strategy sessions focused on particular programs or issues, open to staff and board
  • Post in each office a graphic of strategic plan that inspires staff to think big
  • Use staff meeting time as a platform for feedback, not just monotonous reporting
  • Stop using old workplace routines to plan future actions (it’s possible to reinvent the wheel)
  • Clearly define and communicate roles and responsibilities before events, projects, etc.

Interested in how you can align your business strategies with a healthy culture? Contact Stevie.

Photo Credit: Strategy+Business

Insight Selling

As someone who has spent the better part of my career in sales, whether pitching to consumers or other businesses, I am well aware of the trials that face the “business development” representative. As a Frontier Facilitator it was my job this month to speak to a group of sales professionals with an international insurance company on what we refer to as “Insight Selling.”

The Insight Selling curriculum follows the mindset found in a book every sales professional should read called The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon. As sales professionals we often focus on being our clients’ confidant, building a relationship with them that leads them to want to work with us (even if it’s just out of guilt). Insight Selling introduces a better way. One that is longer lasting and built on a more sturdy and lasting foundation.

Our Insight Selling workshop teaches participants how to create stronger relationships by challenging their clients and uncovering new insights that help them address their biggest pain points.

We start this workshop by encouraging each participant to identify a current client. By the end of the course they have a clear path toward transforming their style of selling to one based on pushing, stretching, and challenging their clients for the mutual gain of both parties.

If you’re interested in bringing our Insight Selling workshop to your team, contact Katie Lackey. We would love to hang with your group for the day and learn from one another.

- Becky